Hardware used with our products

At Delorme Humidors, we take great pride in our work. We also care for the longevity of your purchase which is why we only use the best available hardware on our products.

The HD-680 quadrant hinges that we use are made by Brusso, manufacturers of precision hardware in the USA.

These hinges are made of solid brass, are 3mm thick and come with a built-in stop that allows the lid to remain open at 95°

We find that they work wonderfully on our Le Maridor model.

The mortise anti-tamper locking mechanism and cylinder comes with two keys and is manufactured in Germany. The key to safety when it comes to The Saf-ox safe box.

The importance of hardware

Throughout the years, we have received numerous requests to remedy certain problems on pieces that were manufactured by some of our competitors.

This is not a practice that we commonly entertain for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, we have occasionally inspected some items on behalf of our beloved customers.

In the majority of cases, the issue could be directly attributed to the design and overall quality of the hardware installed.

Unfortunately, these components failed over time rendering the humidor essentially useless.

If you are looking for a product that will last a lifetime or that can be passed on for generations to come, the quality of the hardware is of the utmost importance.

Whether you choose to do business with us or take your business elsewhere, we hope that you will remember this very important information prior to making your next purchase.

As craftsmans of heirloom quality pieces, we take great pride in our trade. It is for this very reason, that we feel somewhat of an obligation to inform you, the client of all the different quality hardware that is available out there.


At Delorme Humidors, we believe that our products should arrive at your door safely and intact. This is why we use custom made HD foam to safeguard your purchase during transit.

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